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    After several years of incredible pain and low mobility, it was time to take the next step and seek help from a specialist. My wife and I spent months looking for an orthopedic surgeon who understood the obstacles I was facing, along with sharing our same belief in the importance of an enjoyable and comfortable quality of life. Once we met Dr. French we knew we found the solution to our struggles. At the age of 48, it was determined that I would need both hips replaced. Eager to begin the healing process, we scheduled surgery with him immediately. Dr. French walked us through both the surgical and recovery process and answered in detail all of our questions and concerns. Throughout the preparation process, and up to both surgery days he was a true professional and by our side to assist.

    Upon waking up from the completion of both surgeries, my pain and discomfort had immediately disappeared. On the second surgery, I was even released the same day from the hospital. Within two weeks I was walking around the block without aid or pain. Within six weeks of my last surgery I was riding a bike again; something I haven't been able to do for over six years. Dr. French has given me back a quality of life that one can't put a price tag on. I can tie my own shoes again, play ball in the yard with my five-year-old son and enjoy swimming and walking again with my family. I would highly recommend Dr. French to one anyone looking for the best orthopedic surgeon.


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